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We want to encourage everyone who has an interest in zoos, aquariums, and wildlife to set up their own blog, sharing their passion and interests with our readers. You can post on your blog as frequently or as infrequently as you desire. While all blogs and blog titles will be listed and available to our readers, Featured Bloggers will appear on our home page. If you wish to become a Featured Blogger we offer the following tips.

Become a Featured Zoo and Aquarium Visitor Blogger

Everyone who registers for a user name and password can set up their own blog on our site. On our home page we want to feature bloggers who will provide our visitors with informative and entertaining reading.

Seven reasons why you should want to be a featured blogger for Zoo and Aquarium Visitor:

  1. To educate the public. Our readers are intelligent and have an interest in what you are doing, and how you do it.
  2. Familiarize the public with you and your facility. Many of our readers will not have the opportunity to get to know you/your facility otherwise.
  3. The opportunity to become famous in this industry, and develop a following of readers. Every article will have a short biography, a link to your site or blog, and even a photo.
  4. You don't have to set up your own blogging web page. We will do it for you.
  5. You will be in a community of like-minded bloggers. You will feed off each other for article ideas and writing styles. You will bring readers to visit each other's blogs.
  6. It will give you/your facility numerous hits off the search engines.
  7. It is free publicity for you and your facility.

Important things to know about blogging:

  1. It takes approximately 60 days to start developing an audience, and for enough key words to be picked up by the search engines.
  2. The more often you write and post, the higher the search engine rating.
  3. Writing a SUCCESSFUL blog is not a one person operation. Great writers have to work hard early in their careers to get people to read their books. They do countless radio and TV interviews, book signings, send out press releases, etc. We will give you your platform and start, but you will need to get your friends, family, coworkers and anyone else you can recruit to be your publicity department.
  4. Once you have a following and have honed your writing style, you can write a book. A successful blog will give you the credibility that is needed with publishing companies to believe that what you write will sell.
  5. Each posting needs to have a title. What is the story you are telling today? What title would draw a reader in to the article? After a while, you will have regular readers who will refer to your postings by title rather than date.

Tips that will assist you in becoming a successful blogger:

Everyone has advice, some of it will work for your blog and some of it won't. Here are some general tips that should help a new blogger become successful.

  1. Advertise your blog on your email signature. If you are not currently advertising your facility there, include that as well.
  2. Write occasional link bait and pillar columns. Link baiting is writing about a subject in such a manner that the column could be used as reference material by other sites via a link directly to your post. Pillar columns are the link bait articles. They are usually reference articles that are informative and instructional. Pillar columns usually exceed 500 words and contain practical tips. This posting would be considered a pillar article that is linkbait. Most of your postings should be entertaining and much lighter in tone and focus than a linkbait article. Occasional linkbait articles will help lend credence to your blog.
  3. Submit your individual pillar articles to generate new traffic. Three spots that will give you a spike of new readers are:
    EZine Articles. Submit under either Pets or Travel and Leisure.
    Carnival of Blogs. List under "working with pets", "carnival of travel articles" and "carnival of travelers".

    Each of these sites will have your article listed by the search engines through their web site with a link back to the original blog posting.
  4. Links and advertising on other blogs. Whenever you visit another blog, take the time to write a comment that is relative to their discussion and include a two sentence ending that describes who you are and a link to your blog. Keep this blog sign off handy so you can copy and paste it everywhere.
  5. Acknowledge your readers. If you have a reader that generates an idea for your next column, thank him/her in the column.
  6. Pose questions in your blog asking for reader comments.
  7. Post frequently.

What we are looking for in a featured author:

  1. Good folksy story telling. The audience is the general public, and although our audience is intelligent and educated, they are not "in your industry". There are many technical publications and forums geared toward professionals in the zoo and aquarium industry, we are not. Our focus is on the enthusiast who visits, volunteers, and donates to this industry. We want to make sure we talk to and educate them without either talking down to them or talking over their heads.
  2. Someone who will promote their blog postings and generate comments for their postings. Comments to the postings determine if there is an interest in your subject matter, and generate higher search engine ratings for your blog.
  3. Uniqueness. What would interest our readers that we have not yet included in our blogging community?
  4. Good writing. Check for typographical errors and correct grammar before posting. Entertain with words; do not just post a factual diary of your day.
  5. Passion, love, and fun. Do you have all of the key components to a good relationship with the subject you are writing about? If your subject is fun and you love what you do, it will show as you write about it. If you are unhappy and want to generate some publicity because you need a new job or your facility does not have enough money to operate next month, blogging is not your solution.


  1. No profanity.
  2. No flaming zoos, aquariums or their employees. The purpose of this site is not to critique zoos or aquariums. If you have a problem with a particular zoo or aquarium, we encourage you to visit their web site and contact them directly.
  3. We are a pro zoo and aquarium web site. If your views are different, we appreciate you visiting but do not post those views here.

Posting final authority:

We retain the right to reject or remove any post for any reason.


Copyright is retained by the writer. Zoo and Aquarium Visitor may, however, reprint your piece, with full attribution, in companion Zoo and Aquarium Visitor products and marketing materials.


All blogging positions are unpaid.

Still interested in being a featured blogger for Zoo and Aquarium Visitor?

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