Wildlife Anniversary Celebrations

Year Animal Symbolism
1 Shark Circling each other to determine dominance and territories.
2 Largemouth Bass Neither party has yet learned when to keep their mouths shut.
3 Tiger Recognizing each other’s individual stripes.
4 Hummingbird Enjoying the sweet nectar of marriage.
5 Dolphin Swimming together.
6 Deer Controlling the buck becomes important.
7 Monkey Sitting around picking off each other’s fleas.
8 Wolf Realizing it’s time to start a pack.
9 Horse Galloping towards 10 years of bliss.
10 Bear Glad I found my honey.
11 Lion Proud of their pride.
12 Whale Married life makes them larger and happier.
13 Parrots Both chatter and finish each other’s sentences.
14 Moose Ponds, pools and hot tubs are favorite leisure spots.
15 Elephant He finally realizes it’s the matriarch who runs the herd.
16 Eagle Have found a destination to fly off to every year.
17 Trout Have swum upriver many times together.
18 Penguin Still look good dressed up together.
19 Turtle Taking things a little slower.
20 Giraffe Reaching what most others can not.
21 Duck Serene above water, lots of movement below.
22 Frog On the shore waiting for dinner.
23 Squirrel Worried about how many nuts are stored.
24 Skunk Survived even the stinky stuff.
25 Peacock Time to strut our stuff.

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