Zoo and Aquarium Visitor's goal is to help zoos and aquariums build positive relationships with the public, and increase the number and frequency of people's visits. Once there, the zoos and aquariums teach visitors about the species in their exhibits, and why the species are important to us as humans.

Zoo and aquarium visits are more important today than they have ever been. Each year a smaller percentage of the population farms, hunts, fishes or goes camping. This results in a lack of contact with nature and wildlife, and a lack of understanding their problems and their importance to the planet.

Zoos and aquariums have taken the lead on the "eco-green" front in many areas. They educate the public about the impact of habitat destruction, pollution, species endangerment, etc. Every year in many cities around the world, zoos and aquariums sponsor Earth Day events.

The more you know about the zoo and aquarium industry, the more you will enjoy your visit. Every day Zoo and Aquarium Visitor will provide fresh news and insights from professionals in this industry.

After visiting a zoo or aquarium, please take a few minutes to visit their web page, post a comment and a picture or two of your visit.

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