Meet the Zoo Director, Patrick T. Mangus, Executive Director, National Aviary

Wed, 12/1/2010 - 7:48 AM

Name: Patrick T. Mangus

Actual title: Executive Director

Name of your zoo: National Aviary

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

URL for your facility:

Number of species at your facility: 200

Your favorite critter at the facility: African Penguins

Total number of animals or fish at your facility: 600

Number of visitors annually: 153,000

Number of employees: 45

Number of volunteers: 20

Annual budget: $4 million

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Journalism

Experience prior to this position: Marketing Consultant

Favorite part of your job: Developing new and better ways to connect our collection with our visitors

One dream wish for your facility: Sufficient dollars to upgrade aging exhibit spaces

Family: Wife Julie: son Brendan; daughters Lauren and Jill, and one granddaughter, Cadence

Pets at home: Pokey, a Jack Russell terrier, and Marley, a mixed-breed.

When you retire, you plan to: Play even more golf and tennis than I do now.

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