Vervet Monkey Foundation

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Vervet Monkey Foundation

Plot 35 California, Tarantaalrand
Tzaneen, Limpopo 0850
South Africa

The Vervet Monkey Foundation was established in 1993 as a non-profit organisation to provide sanctuary for orphaned, abused or injured Vervet monkeys. We are based in Tzaneen, South Africa and the centre is approx 25 hectares with over 700 Vervet monkeys. We have a specific rehabilitation programme for releasing vervets into a natural environment and strive to educate the public as to ways to peacefully coexist with vervets.

The Vervet is currently listed as 'threatened' on CITES appendix 2.

The Vervet Monkey Foundation changed the status of the vervet monkey from vermin to normal game in 2005. We are still fighting for further protection and rely on volunteer contributions as well as donations from the public.

We are also running a census to record how many Vervets there are in Limpopo province. This is combined with monkey patrol whereby our volunteers visit local communities, farms and schools to educate and help people who are having problems with the monkeys and come up with solutions.

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